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Emerging Power is a battery engineering, design and manufacturing  company  that provides products to OEM, Government, Military, Prime Contractors, Aerospace, Industrial, and Consumer as well as aftermarket customers.
In addition, Emerging Power Inc is also a leader in advanced two-way  radio battery manufacturing.

Since 2006 we have provided the full range of two-way radio replacement batteries covering all the major radio manufacturers – Motorola, Kenwood, M/ACOM, Vertex, ICOM, as well as most legacy Two-Way Radio products.

Emerging Power has developed the next generation batteries for the next generation two-way radios using our own Lithium Polymer cells manufactured by our sister company. With this new technology Emerging Power supplies batteries for leading OEMs dealing with Two-way Radio, Portable Data Scanner, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Medical equipment, Security systems and many other applications Our Lithium Polymer packs are very light-weight in comparison to conventional chemistries and provide high / extended battery capacity, setting us completely apart in the market.

Complementing our advanced Lithium Polymer technology we offer conventional battery chemistries used in Two-way Radios like Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium.

In addition we also offer a broad line of Primary Lithium Two-way Radio batteries designed to operate under adverse and emergency conditions where communication is critical and there is no access to electrical power to charge batteries for hours or even days.

Emerging Power has a broad line of batteries that have been certified by Factory Mutual as “intrinsically safe”, the same standard used by all OEM’s.

These batteries are designed to prevent the release of sufficient electrical or thermal energy under conditions than could cause ignition of hazardous materials. Applications cover Public Safety, State & Local Agencies, Federal Agencies, Transportation, Petroleum, Construction, Utilities, Retail, and Mining.