Custom Battery Design


Safety and quality of battery pack design is critical as more complex applications require expert engineering to support the most demanding electrical and mechanical design requirements. We offer only high quality cells from top suppliers offering both standard and high discharge rates, and a wide range of temperature limits to meet the most demanding performance requirements.

Safety first is our priority and commitment to OEM’s. Throughout every design process we design to emphasize both safe and reliable custom battery packs that will power your end products safely throughout the life cycle of your device. We provide everything from a single-cell battery pack with a safety circuit, to more complex multi-cell packs requiring BMS, and charging circuits, ATE, automated testing requirements, and support OEM’s with years of our regulatory experience. With the release of a new battery design, Emerging Power develops a a custom software solution to be used with end of line automated functional testing.

Emerging Power designs and manufactures battery packs for industrial, military, and commercial application. For military/defense applications, we are ITAR compliant. Many years of combined expertise in engineering and manufacturing enable us to provide well designed, cost effective solutions that solve the extreme challenges OEM’s are faced with.

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