Drones / UAV

Commercial and Military

Commerical Drones/UAVs

Emerging Power manufactures custom lithium battery assembly’s for both military, and commercial drones. Our highly experienced engineering team will assist you from the initial concept, design stage, prototype and into production. Depending on the application requirements, we will make recommendations and offer design support to help you throughout the life of the project and provide a high reliability custom battery pack solution to power your end products. Whether a primary non-rechargeable or rechargeable battery, let us help you through the process.



Emerging Power is an ITAR registered business and leads the way when a custom battery pack for the military is required. At Emerging Power, we have a long and successful track record designing and manufacturing custom battery packs for communication devices, radios, night vision, UMV’s, drones, etc. We understand the demanding requirements and can provide you with the experience and resources needed throughout the design, development, test, and production of your mission critical equipment. Our engineering team of electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, test and compliance, has more than 75  years of collective battery design experience and will support your project from concept through production for your most demanding battery requirements.

  • Communications
  • Drones/UAV’s
  • Night Vision
  • Surveillance
  • Avionics
  • Sensors

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