Project Management

Project Management

At Emerging Power, our engineering team works closely with our customers to understand and assist in the design and development of custom battery packs. Through more than 40 years of battery design and assembly experience along with our consultative approach, we have developed a culture committed to providing information and expert resources to develop safe, and high reliability battery solutions. To help the design process move forward, we have developed a process for all new custom battery applications, designs and approvals. This process is in place to support the project with critical engineering, quality and manufacturing resources throughout the life of the project.

I. Initial Review

Our team of engineers will review the RFP, technical documentation, regulatory compliance, or any other requirements to fully understand the scope of the project. After the initial review is completed and understood, we will provide input from our vast experience designing and assembling thousands of custom battery packs. Step 1 ensures there is a flow of communications, information and a mutual understanding of the project requirements, expectations and timelines.

II. Preliminary Design

After documenting the project requirements and receiving customer approval, we move forward to develop an initial design specification agreed upon during the review stage. This will incorporate formalized documents or any other requirements agreed upon. Depending on the complexity of the project, documents included are, the preliminary design diagrams, mechanical files with preliminary models, a bill of materials with a preliminary quote for the design and development of the project.

III. Design and Development

Once the preliminary design is completed, we move the project into design and development. During this stage, our engineering team begins the design of the custom product based on preliminary design specifications. Understanding the approved specifications, we will provide the customer with a quotation for the battery packs, NRE, tooling, and any regulatory testing required.

IV. First Articles

Here we will begin to build the First article battery packs. Once completed, we will send to the customer for testing and eventual approval. Prior to approval, the customer may identify any design or performance issues that may arise from their end product or the battery performance. Once completed and approved the customer will proceed to production.

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