Custom Sealed Lead Acid Pack

Constructed of high -purity materials, Cyclon batteries are engineered to provide longer service life & high reliability. Safe enough for installations in offices or hospitals, from general purpose to extremely demanding applications. Cyclon batteries offer better performance and lower long term cost of ownership.

Constructed using a rugged metal outer jacket that offers strong protection from shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Extremely thin 99.9% pure lead plates offer more surface area and deliver far more power than conventional batteries. High purity acid is absorbed into the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plate separators for leak proof operation in any position. Cells can be recharged in under an hour and can provide up to twice the capacity at -20C.

  • Resealable safety valve rated at 50PSI
  • Steel can enclosure
  • Rugged construction
  • High stable voltage delivery
  • Fast recharge
  • Single cell voltage is rated at 2.0V and range in capacity from 2.5Ah – 25.0Ah
  • Also available in 4V Monobloc & 6V Monobloc ranging in capacity from 2.5Ah – 8.0Ah