RRC2140 (3S1P) with 11.40V / 3880mAh / 44.2Wh


  • Slim and flat standard battery pack with higher capacity and lower height than round cell packs with similar energy
  • Allows to develop smaller and thinner portable devices with long runtime
  • SMBus & SBDS Rev 1.1 compliant
  • Fulfills JEITA standards, advanced temperature-dependent charging profile
    – Fastest charging
    – Maximized cycle life
  • Impedance tracking and cell balancing
    – No manual recalibration necessary
    – Longest lifetime
  • Comprehensive charging/discharging and passive safety systems
  • Worldwide approvals
  • Registered with recycling systems worldwide


  • Suitable for use in slim devices for industrial and medical applications, etc.

Detail Specifications: – view/download PDF